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Meet Maya

Maya Chendke is a senior writer and strategist who helps brands and individuals elevate their content with authenticity, thoughtfulness, and clarity. Her uncanny intuition gets to the heart of the matter and translates complexity into friendly, intelligent content.

Maya graduated from the Rotman School of Management (MBA), Stanford University’s Summer Institute for General Management, and Ryerson’s School of Journalism. She has established herself as a trusted agency subcontractor regularly tapped to serve up client delight (on time and budget).


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Cut through the chaos with words that inspire trust and spark action.

  • Kind Words
    Maya is someone I trust as a solid advisor to my business line. She always had my back and is solutions-focused to swiftly “get it done.” Her quick thinking and determination helped us achieve great change and her creativity raises the bar. I could hand off projects to her with full confidence she would take them across the finish line, and know she is advising me on the best approach along the way.
    Ashley | Manager @ Jonas Software
  • Kind Words
    Maya is a natural when it comes to providing her clients with valuable content that is tailored to their brand and crafted to provide the greatest results. Her attention to detail, poised personality and clear communication style makes her a true pleasure to work with. 
    Tania | Marketing & Communications @ Venus Concept
  • Kind Words
    Major projects like websites and communications changes require a lot of patience and persistence. Maya was a great asset to me during a major website redesign and re-branding (and all that entails); her dedication to capturing detail and building working relationships was what moved project status. She genuinely cares to make a difference and work collaboratively, and all her advice and feedback is transparent and thoughtful.
    Sam | Vice President @ Jonas Software
  • Kind Words
    Passion, creativity, care, and genuine excitement for her work are all ways I would describe the experience of working with Maya. She has demonstrated a genuine interest for our business. A prime example of this is her leadership in creating an "Inspiration Folder" for us to brainstorm ideas and keep up with industry trends. Dedicated to excellence, Maya has always fostered an open and honest dialogue and provided well thought out advice to help us reach our goals. Always thinking outside the box, Maya's creative ideas and approach are refreshing. 
    Jeff | President @ Lorpon Labels
  • Kind Words
    I had the pleasure of working with Maya on the Give a Latte Campaign in support of Autism Ontario. Maya spearheaded this extremely successful crowd-funding campaign utilizing her extensive strategic marketing skills and her social media prowess. Thanks to Maya’s project management skills, this campaign more than tripled its initial goal and will make a difference in the lives of adults living on the autism spectrum. I would highly recommend Maya for all things digital marketing! 
    Stephanie | Marketing @ Autism Ontario
  • Kind Words
    As any business owner understands one must wear many hats. Marketing with all its components requires a high level of skill and consistency and we struggled to find the time and did not have the expertise to be effective. It can be overwhelming but working with Maya brought a sense of relief (and engagement with our content). There is a distinct difference between working with a writer and working with Maya. She felt as though she was truly part of our team and not an outside contractor. Her care to understand our business strategy and goals adds a valuable dimension that goes well above what a standard copywriter provides. Her genuine care and thoughtfulness make her a loyal, trusted collaborator I can count on.
    Glenda | President @ Proforma SI
  • Kind Words
    Launching an established brand in a new geographic market has a whole set of challenges that not everyone can handle. Everything feels like it needs to get done all at once, but budgets are limited (and so is time). Working with someone who understands the need to prioritize is critical. Maya gave me confidence and ease because I knew she had my best interest in mind. Her genuine care and entrepreneurial spirit meant she treated the budgets like her own money, trying to be as economical and practical by prioritizing the “musts” over “nice to haves.” She kept me reined in with her calm, straight-forward style and I trust her advice completely. Having a consultant who can look at both the business side and the creative is a rare find.
    Gurpreet | Principal @ Apalco Lifestyle Brands
  • Kind Words
    Launching a basic e-commerce website is one thing. But launching an e-commerce site with intricate, customizable options is a task I wouldn’t trust just anyone with. Maya and her team brought my vision to life with an impeccable eye to the details of how I run my business. She understood exactly what I needed in helping me move from an Etsy shop to a fully integrated solution that my customers love. Maya thinks like an entrepreneur and makes things practical and uncomplicated while pouring tender loving care into her work.
    Sarah | Owner @ Hansen Equestrian
  • Kind Words
    For a growing agency, it’s tough to find talented people who can reliably pinch hit and handle growing pains with equal amounts of grace and tenacity. Not having someone with strong skills can impact profitability and client happiness. Maya’s expertise in digital marketing is top notch and her strategy work is always exceptionally thoughtful and relevant. She is someone who puts her heart, gut, and mind into what she does, and is a pleasure to have on a team. She’s also an operations geek who thinks like a business owner and is able to effectively galvanize a team whenever she’s in a leadership role. Maya’s approach is invaluable. Maya is a trusted partner who not only puts up with our awful puns, but genuinely wins our hearts and confidence every time we work together.
    Kyle & Tom | Co-Founders @ pb+j
  • Kind Words
    Maya captures and develops a brand’s voice into strategic content, personalizing each approach for the brand itself, a key skill we look for at Horsefly. Her writing consistently hits the mark, making her an exceptionally reliable contributor. She is equal parts creative and methodical and manages her deliverables efficiently with the perspective of a seasoned account and project manager.
    Holly Davis | Principal @ Horsefly Group
  • Kind Words
    Maya’s tenacity and commitment to the success of a plan is incredible. Running a successful company requires trusted, talented, authentic, passionate people, committed to doing whatever it takes to realize a vision. To find some of those traits in a person is common, to find them all is rare. Maya is that rare find. When it comes to marketing, it’s easy to get stuck in the weeds. Maya knew where to start and where to focus our time and resources so that we could execute a bold growth roadmap. She took the time to understand my company, our history, purpose, value, and values to craft the voice of our brands and create realistic marketing strategies. Above all else, I trust Maya deeply as a sounding board whose advice has never steered my wrong.
    Andrea | President & CEO @ Shrader

Creative Writing

Maya is the author of a 500-page manuscript and is currently working on other novels. Often asked about her experiences as a creative writer, Maya is happy to share her experiences in writing and self-publishing a passion project that started way back in high school.

In addition to working on her own projects, Maya periodically teaches creative writing workshops to help others get creatively unstuck and put pen to paper.

  • Awake But Dreaming

Wellness Services

Maya is a certified mindfulness and meditation teacher offering private and corporate classes designed to be accessible to beginners and non-meditators. She is passionate about healthcare advocacy and helping people with chronic illness and stress find relief through mindfulness and meditation. You can learn more about Maya’s meditation programming via No Granola Wellness.

  • MBSR Level 1 Teacher (Brown University Center for Mindfulness). Completed the first level of Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teaching curriculum.
  • 200h teacher training with davidji (Unplug Meditation)
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