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Wake up in New York, fly to London, limo to hotel, hair and make up and breakfast, race to a radio interview, dash to a TV interview, sound check at a concert hall, eat lunch on the go, wardrobe change, magazine photo shoot, newspaper interview, live performance, private jet to Rome, get swarmed by paparazzi, sleep for three hours in a hotel, wake up, coffee, hair and make up, another photo shoot, go shopping, sign autographs on the street, television interview, attend a fashion show, drink three flutes of Veuve, lose your purse but find the hors d’oeuvres, smile for pictures with random strangers, meet a cute guy but have to fly to Paris in the morning, debate going to sleep but hit a club instead, photos snapped as you trip in your stilettos…

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Forty-eight hours in the life of Jenna Ramsay may seem magical, but it’s a reality her two friends can’t wait to escape.
AwakeButDreaming Cover

Signed up for a year of being her personal assistants, Riley and Eleanor travel the world supporting their childhood friend’s rags to riches success as the current “It Girl” of the music industry. But their personal callings outweigh the glamour and drama, and they must decide whether to stand by Jenna, or step away from her roller-coaster ride. Awake but Dreaming shares a compelling glimpse into the life of a celebrity who must determine whether she will be led by the glare of the spotlight. Add the public scrutiny to her mistakes and choices, and you’ll regret ever wishing to be famous.

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eBook and print available internationally

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