How it’s Made & a Brand Revitalization

The Gist

A manufacturing company was working on updating its dated appearance with a drastic rebranding and website redesign. The manufacturing and industrial space is home to established companies often out of touch with the aesthetics of branding and modern marketing. Though branding can be “forever true,” there are few brands that successfully hang on to this as true. Revitalizing a brand doesn’t involve just the logo and colour palette, it can also involve the staff and its assets. MarketingProfs outlines keys to repackaging a revitalized brand, but this applies to B2B companies as much as we easily associate it with B2C products.

The Challenge

Communicating in the B2B space, particularly in a mature industry like manufacturing, can be tricky at times. Customers are busy. The general public may have no interest in what you do. Or there may not be a new story to tell in a decades-old success story. Limited on content freshness, we went to the core of what every geek loves – the Discovery Channel’s “How it’s Made.”


We pitched the program on the engineering angle of a company that manufactures automated machinery equipment. The crew spent the day filming different components of machinery, focusing on the different steps involved in putting together a system. Coordinating the various components and elements in a sequential manner was very important.

Although the cult TV program does not advertise or promote brands overtly, the honour of being part of the show was inspiring to all.

Lessons Learned

A brand revitalization rarely stops at the superficial elements and will undoubtedly involve changes to what happens inside the company. Supporting a major change requires content that is in line with the new identity, and finding a program or outlet that is highly targeted stands to offer powerful brand pride.