Gourmet Food Blog – From Scratch!

The Gist

The Petrossian name is synonymous with excellence. Since 1920, Petrossian has been world-renowned for its caviar and gourmet delicacies (including foie gras, chocolate, charcuterie, and smoked fish).

The Challenge

With a fantastic brand cemented in history, Petrossian needed to bring their presence into a competitive digital arena. Needing a digital marketing solution to boost e-commerce sales, Petrossian turned to Horsefly Group for the team’s multi-disciplinary approach.

The Job

The Horsefly team implemented record-breaking PPC and social media campaigns with Maya spearheading the creation of the website’s Lifestyle section. Leveraging a thoughtful content strategy and relevant SEO keywords, Maya wrote over 40 articles that balanced timely topics and featured products with a friendly, up-scale brand voice (the Caviar Concierge).


Covering topics from caviar 101 to fine dining etiquette to on-trend recipe ideas, the Lifestyle section quickly established itself as a central source for the modern foodie. Consistent, weekly content not only contributed to social media publishing but also increased organic traffic to the website and cemented Petrossian as a lifestyle expert.

In Closing

Expanding a traditional, long-standing brand into digital platforms can be tricky. Finding the balance between staying true to your roots or branching out to try something new (like launching a Lifestyle editorial section) takes trust and confidence in your marketing partner. Horsefly Group’s team each lent their own skills and strengths to help this epic brand match up with epic sales.