Marketing Strategy for an International Personal Care Brand Expansion

The Gist

The Man Company has quite the fan following abroad, already well-established in India, Malaysia, and the Middle East. TMC produces a wide range of men’s grooming products for the discerning consumer that are SLS and Paraben-free and made with high-quality, cold-pressed essential oils. From beard care to shampoo to body care, TMC’s products are formulated to make an impression with a throwback to male grooming barbershop culture.


The Challenge

Adapting an existing brand identity to be regionally relevant means looking beyond just the product mix and re-evaluating positioning, language, and imagery. Layer on top of that a multi-touch marketing plan to help distribution efforts and a lot needs to happen in a compressed period of time.

The Job

We brought in a range of referrals and trusted freelancers from our network to help bring TMC’s launch to life. Our team maintained a central point of contact to ensure consistency and strategy while serving in an advisory capacity for the client overall.

  • We referred photography and creative direction to shoot the first iteration of North American-centric lifestyle photography (and a fresh batch of elevated product photos)
  • Katie Brown pinch hit some social media and social PPC

We handled business consulting, research and audits, Google AdWords, content, website copy and U/X, and overall project management.


TMC Canada launched its website and social media profiles in Q4 2017 and their team quickly grew to bring acquisition marketing operations in-house. They’ve been steadily building their e-commerce presence and distribution network ever since.

In Closing

Introducing a brand from one country to another isn’t a case of copy/paste or rinse/repeat. Instead, adapting a brand requires capturing the essence of what it stands for and tailoring the language and imagery to the market it serves. Having a consultant who can look at the business and the creative in tandem helps keep things agile and streamlined.